Crickey, I blinked and my weekend vanished.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes feels like the weekend came and went before you’d even had time to enjoy it.  A conversation in the office on Monday morning this week prompted this blog.  Typically, we were chatting about our weekend and what we did with our families and friends.  Chris, the director, spent the weekend entertaining his children and their school friends with an afternoon BBQ.  Mandy, one of our telephonists, was celebrating a friend’s birthday with a bit or retail therapy and a visit to the pub on Saturday evening (she insists it was one pub but we all think she went on a pub crawl!).  Heather, in the warehouse, took her grandchildren to Bristol Zoo and I spent my time ferrying my youngest son to various choir events and a rugby tournament.  Steve, one of our fitters and a keen photographer, visited the local Raglan Castle.

We discovered much to our amusement, that with the exception of Chris (since he didn’t actually visit any retailers) that we all looked at and noted the different configurations and design of the slatwall and shelving in the stores, gifts shops, venues and even the pubs whilst our families and friends were checking out the merchandise!   I think Chris was delighted to hear that even when his team aren’t working, they are working!

Moral of the story:  Take as much time and care over your shelving and slatwall display choices as you dedicate to your merchandise choices, you never know who is looking at it!