Standard Wall Bays

A single sided wall unit is ideal for Wall perimeter shelving and is adaptable for Multi shop environments. Shop shelving has come a long way over the last decade with no need to attach tall Wall umits to wall or floors, each offer adjustable feet allowing for uneven floors although we do recommend using a spirit level to level off the units as it makes assembling them even easier. Erection is simple and size options range from 1m up to 3m. Wall units can still be attached to wall if customers prefer where we supply and include wall fixing brackets. Dependant on the size of products you can also choose to include as many shelves above the base as you feel you need.

Two upright size options are available in either 80/30mm for heavy items or 60/30mm for standard products which should usually be enough. Please contact us for weight load information.

Available in Silver or Jura White.