As a company, we are well known for the quality of our products and the great customer service but we aren’t very good at blowing our own trumpet when it comes to our shopfitting service.  We cover the whole of the UK, regularly fitting out shops in cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester.  Our team of fitters are a friendly bunch and have just finished smaller fitting job in South Wales.  A week later, they have travelled over 400 miles to The Keiller Centre in Dundee, Scotland; it is this Dundee job I would like to tell you about.

In terms of fittings, Dundee proved to be a larger than average task requiring a combination of slatwall panels, retail shelving, inserts, and some bespoke card units and counters.  Here’s what it looked like before we started:


Steve and the lads got stuck in straight away unloading slatwall panels and retail shelving, sorting it all into size order.  Doing this made the job much easier once they starting putting it all together since they could find the correct sizes easily and quickly (it’s also good health and safety!).

As you can see, they’re quite neat and tidy!


First task is always to tackle the wall shelving, fixing the uprights to the wall and trimming the slatwall panels to size, fixing them to the uprights and putting in the inserts as they go.

shopfit-dundee-3This can be a time consuming task, but by working methodically and being organised, they get the task complete in a good time frame.   Steve and the lads move on to completing the aisles, constructing the gondolas and adding the slatwall end panels.


At the same time, the bespoke card units and counters arrive, are unloaded and carefully stored to one side ready to be unwrapped and positioned.


Our clients, Home & Kitchen Ltd are delighted with the finished result.

“Crown Display have been truly amazing & the shop looks fantastic, we were working within a tight deadline to order & refit which was met with days to spare.” Naeem Khaliq – Home & Kitchen Ltd.

We would like to thank them for their patience and for allowing Crown Display to record this shopfit.  We wish Andrea, Naeem and all at Home & Kitchen Ltd every success.

We think Steve is happy with the end result too!